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Course: MKG 42600 – Marketing Channels


The place utility is absolutely essential in bringing value to consumers and offers a tremendous range of surprisingly profitable career opportunities ranging from logistics managers to buyers.  Learn how to analyze the marketplace to spot trends and project future performance – all adding to the bottom line of your company and paving a way for a successful career.

Northwest Indiana and Chicago-land serve as a hub for many distribution and logistics hubs.  The path to advancement in this field can be much quicker than in the highly glamorous and competitive field of advertising, it can also be much more financially rewarding.  As distribution is a 2 hour a day, 365 day a week operation and as mega online retailers such as Amazon become models for effective distribution and pick and pack techniques, this area of Marketing is slated to grow at a tremendous rate.


Kasia Firlej
Anderson 329


  • Strack and Van Til internship

Syllabus Example:

MKG 42600 – Marketing Channels Syllabus Example (DOC)

Relevant Jobs:

  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Logistics Manager
  • Distribution Specialist
  • Distribution Manager