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Course: MKG 42500 – Marketing Research


Accurately understanding the markets requires a variety of marketing research skills, including collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about consumers. In this course, you will learn step-by-step research procedures, and equally important, apply your learning experience to the real-world practices. Students also have an opportunity of using the course project to participate in a national market research competition.

Studying customers/consumers is the key and basis for many other marketing-based activities. However, studying consumers is not to simply ask what they need and want. It requires systematic methods to investigate consumer needs. In this course, students will learn a number of marketing research methods, such as (online) survey, focus group, experiment, interview, secondary data, etc. Students will also learn step-by-step marketing research procedures. In addition, students will have the opportunities to learn skills of using Qualtrics, an online survey program, for data collection, and SPSS, a statistics program, for data analysis. All those skills can play a key role in the “marketing map,” and more important, build the bridge between concepts and real-world practices. In the meantime, in each Fall semester students have an opportunity to participate in a national market research competition: GfK Annual Next Generation US Market Research Competition.


Haisu Zhang
Anderson 320


  • National Winner, GfK 2013-2014 Next Generation US Market Research Competition

Syllabus Example:

MKG 42500 – Marketing Research Syllabus Example (PDF)

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