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Course: MKG 42400 – Consumer Behavior


Consumers are individuals and thus different. Who are they? How and why do they behave in the marketplace? In this course, you will learn both theories and practices to seek answers about consumers from diverse perspectives. You will understand how to best serve consumers and fulfill their needs.

The foremost task of marketing is to build customer relationships. Therefore, understanding consumer behavior helps pave the road towards the long-term relationships with customers. In this course, students will view consumers as individuals (consumer psychology), members of small groups (social psychology), members of large social networks (sociology), and members of the environment (culture and economics). In summary, students will learn (a) what factors influence consumers’ behaviors (e.g., personality, motivation, social group, culture); (b) how consumers behave (e.g., purchase, return, communicate, comment) in the markets; and (c) how their behaviors facilitate or hinder the establishment of customer relationships. In this course, students will utilize a comprehensive project to study consumer behavior from the marketing perspective. The project will enable students to think like marketing managers: how to fulfill customer needs?


Haisu Zhang
Anderson 320

Syllabus Example:

MKG 42400 – Consumer Behaivor Syllabus Example (PDF)

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