Free Consulting for Small Businesses



Purdue University Calumet’s Small Business Institute (SBI) is pleased to announce that, as part of PUC’s experiential learning initiative, free consulting assistance is continuing to be offered each semester to small businesses of the NW Indiana region. 

Senior students of Management enrolled in the “Small Business Consulting” course are grouped up with faculty members and advisors to form ‘consulting teams’. Each team consisting of 3-5 members is assigned a ‘client company’ and by the end of the semester is required to produce a formal consulting report focused on the key issues/problems identified by their client company. Already over 100 small businesses have availed of this free consulting service. There is no financial cost to the client companies. 

Small businesses selected as ‘clients’ will have the following characteristics:

(a)   Should be located within driving distance of the PUC campus

(b)  Must have been in operation for at least 2-3 years, full-time

(c)   Have a physical location, i.e., not a home-based

(d)  Must have full-time employees

(e)   The owner(s) must be ready to commit to work seriously with the consulting team assigned to their business. The quality and usefulness of the final consulting findings and recommendations depend largely on the cooperation, involvement and support of the ‘client’ business owners.

Interested business owners may please contact Prof. Jamaluddin Husain, SBI Director, School of Management, at or call Dr. Husain at 773-531-4000.