Advertising students use Google AdWords to help businesses

MGMT 42800 – Advertising Management has been taught by Professor Kasia Firlej since 2008.  This course is cross listed with the department of Communication (COM 44600) and draws students across the disciplines.

Professor Firlej has designed the course to incorporate the Google Online Marketing Challenge in order to give the students an opportunity to creat an effective online marketing campaign.  This hands on experiential learning component of the Advertising course requires the students to first familiarize themselves with the theoretical aspects of advertising campaign strategy and exposes them to the endless creative possibilities of the advertising field.  The students are then matched up with a local small to medium sized business and each student team is responsible for desigining a promotional campaign centered around the specific needs of each company. 

Students are responsible for researching the industry in which the company operates and working closely with the business owners to come up with a cohesive promotional strategy.  Each team and its respective client is issued a $200 Google Adwords Campaign budget through the Google Online Marketing Challenge competition.  The PUC teams compete with other student teams from all around the world for the most effective Google Adwords Campaign that utilizes Google Analytics to measure the increased effectiveness of the website, measured by increased website traffic.  Students are judged on the originality of their campaign, their pre and post campaign reports and ultimate impact on the company business. 

Professor Firlej is pleased to report that PUC students have been competing with some of the best business schools around the globe and have been distinguished as the regional winners since the inception of the competition.  Regional winners in 2008 were: Chris Kozlowski, Enrique Cook, Mark Heneghan, John Fladeland.  Their client was: Butterfly Social Club in Chicago – an organic, hip bar in Chicago.  They chose to do a bilingual campaign (english, spanish).

Many students have landed careers in the very competitive field of advertising as a result of adding the Google Adwords experience to their portfolio.  So far over 30 businesses have participated in the Google Online Marketing Campaign with students in MGMT 42800 centering around Google Adwords.