Prof. Smith’s Leadership class engaged in experiential learning

Prof. Rachel Smith’s OBHR 44400 Leadership class was just recently (Fall 2010) awarded ExL designation by the Faculty Senate.  Prof. Smith’s students work with local non-profit organizations to influence an issue that is relevant to the students. The students address a need of the organization by crafting a vision of their impact and working in groups to achieve the vision. The students apply concepts of leadership taught in the course to their projects.

As an example, last semester students identified two organizations that had needs the other could fill. By connecting a high school with a volunteering requirement with the Sojourner Truth House, the students began a paper drive for the organization that the high school will continue to run in subsequent semesters. They also created a model for the Sojourner Truth House to approach other high schools for similar drives. This project not only exceeded the expectations of the participating organizations, but the impact will continue long after the students have finished the course and graduated from Purdue University Calumet: a mark of effective leadership.