Prof. Smith wins Best Dissertation Award from Global Leadership Advancement Center

Dr. Rachel Smith, Assistant Professor of Leadership, recently won the Best Dissertation Award from the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC).

 Dr. Smith’s dissertation entitled “Global Mindset Development During Cultural Transitions,” is one of the first empirical studies to study the process of global mindset development.  A path model , with culturally appropriate behavior as the outcome variable, showed a strong fit among cultural self-awareness, cognitive complexity and cultural intelligence.  However, positivity and suspending judgment did not interact or mediate as hypothesized. 

 Her dissertation was judged as best representing GLAC’s mission of advancing, fostering, and disseminating cutting-edge knowledge on global leadership and it’s development.  The judges noted they were impressed by Dr. Smith’s efforts to clarify the concept of global mindset development and by the methodology used to test her model.

 Congratulations Rachel!