Department honors outstanding students for 2010

The Department of Marketing, Human Resources, and Management was pleased to honor this year’s outstanding students at the Chancellor’s reception on Sunday, February 28th. 

Senior – Sarah Bugajski – Sarah is a Human Resource Management major who has demonstrated both a record of academic accomplishment and spirit of engagement. She creates a positive, intellectually-stimulating, and fun environment for her professors and for everyone in the class. In spite of her physical challenges, Sarah never complains and always strives to do better. Sarah captures the essence of what it means to be an outstanding student in human resource management. We challenge each of you to meet your challenges with the same bright spirit and commitment to succeed that Sarah has.

Senior – Sara Keilman – Sara is a marketing major who has excelled academically while also competing as a center on our women’s Peregrine Basketball team and working outside of school. She has demonstrated her leadership in one of the most rigorous courses at Purdue Calumet, the Advertising Campaigns course as one of the Account Executives. Leadership, learning, extra-curricular – Sara is a person who constantly strives to improve herself and her team.

Senior – Kyle Harkema – Kyle is a marketing major who is an excellent example of being able to multi-task and do it all with grace and success. His professors note that his work is always far beyond expectations. Additionally, he is heavily involved in his family’s business and doing very well in his recent internship. Overall, he is hard-working, diligent, and capable of juggling more than one activity successfully.

Freshman – Jackie Rex is a second semester freshman in the equine business management degree program. She is an excellent student enrolled in an honors course and scholarship recipient. Jackie also participates in the Boots and Bridle club and competes as a member of the Purdue Calumet Equestrian team.

Certificate Student – Herbert Brown is an equine business management student completing the certificate via distance learning. He is an excellent student and well respected by his classmates. Herbert is an equine business owner breeding Paso Fino horses.

Senior – Jeremy Marek – Jeremy is a senior double major in Marketing and Human Resources and serves as the President of the Purdue University Marketing Association. He has been instrumental in building a social networking program for School of Management alumni. He has achieved all this while operating his own successful business. He is best described as a student who is incredibly dedicated, composed modest, and a great friend to many.

Senior – Ryan Van Prooyen – Ryan is a senior marketing major able to excel in both individual and team settings. Ryan is a hardworking, disciplined student who is an encouragement to his teammates. His effectiveness in using adaptive listening techniques, both as an individual seller and as part of a selling team, proved his observant, attentive-to-detail nature. Ryan works in his family’s car dealership – Schepel of Merrillville – and he hopes to own and manage a car dealership some day. In his spare time races cars in SCCA Motorcross

Senior – Maricela Rico – Maricela Rico is a very dedicated and hard working student who strives to do her very best in every aspect of her life. She has a truly outstanding academic record as a undergraduate student which reflects the passion that she demonstrates in each of her classes. She has an excellent work ethic and grasp of her personal and career goals. Maricela has a very bright future as a HR professional.