Students generally take three years to complete the program. Many students have gone on to continue studies at the postgraduate level. Graduate teaching and research assistantships are available on a limited basis and provide an invaluable opportunity to gain additional experience that will benefit long after graduation.

Meet our Students:

Success Stories

The Purdue University Calumet’s postgraduate students were not only successful during their time in the program, but also after graduation. One hundred percent of the postgraduate students successfully found jobs in the field or have been accepted into doctoral programs. They credit their time at Purdue University Calumet to their success.

Quotes From Postgraduate Students:
“I have found that my training received at Purdue University Calumet exceeds that of other mental health professionals from other disciplines in theory, research, and clinical practice”

“On a personal level the relationships that I created within my class are very special. Throughout the program you and your classmates will grow with each other creating a very strong and supportive system that will last a lifetime”

“Graduating from the Purdue University Calumet Marriage and Family Therapy Program enabled me to build up a solid vita upon graduation due to the availability of teaching assistantships and course work that was geared towards potential publication. These opportunities placed me higher up on the ladder than other potential applicants”

“The Purdue University Calumet Marriage and Family Therapy Program is a top-notch program with dedicated faculty and staff. This program prepared me for a doctoral program and beyond”