Semester/Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) Program

SURE Program at Purdue Calumet provides students an opportunity to work closely with faculty on research projects during the academic year and/or summer. SURE supports active research participation of undergraduate students in ongoing research projects. These projects help to prepare students for graduate school and the workforce. Also, participating in research projects prepares students to think independently, collaborate with other students, gain hands-on experience, and apply theoretical knowledge gained in classroom to solve practical engineering problems. The students will be exposed to professional development, technical, and academic seminars. SURE links undergraduate students with faculty and graduate student mentors, and introduces them to advanced research tools at the frontier of engineering. 

In the ME/CE department, research opportunities exists in the areas of air pollution control, applied optics and sensors, biomechanics of red blood cell, combustion, computational fluids dynamics, electronics cooling, energy conservation. extraction/process metallurgy, fatigue fracture, finite element method, membrane technology, multi-phase reacting flows, nanofluidics, refrigeration and air conditioning, stress analysis, virtual reality visualization, and water resource system analysis.  In ECE, opportunities are available in artificial networks, biomedical engineering, computer networks, control systems, digital communications, digital signal processing, electronics, energy conservation, information theory, image processing, large scale dynamical systems, medical imaging, neurosimulation, optical switching, power  system, robotics, sensors, speech signal analysis, virtual reality, visualization and modeling.

Professors are encouraged to submit a title and description of their research project, preferred students’ major, desired experience, and number of positions, to the relevant department. Project description will be posted on the Engineering website and emailed to the students. Professors are also encouraged to recruit students from their classes.

Students are encouraged to seek research opportunities with faculty members to discuss ongoing projects and possibility of working in the research lab.

During the academic year, students will conduct research activities of approximately 10 hours per week. During the summer, students will perform about 30 hours per week of research activities.  


  1. Engage in hands-on research,
  2. Work side-by-side with faculty and graduate students on innovative research,
  3. Add to your undergraduate experience & gain a competitive advantage for the future,
  4. Provides excellent foundation for future graduate work,
  5. Discover pathways to graduate school, and
  6. Students may earn a one-time semester stipend through SURE program.
  7. In addition, students will be enrolled in a zero-credit no-cost IDIS course that will appear on their transcript. 


  1. Must be a Sophomore or Junior,
  2. Must be enrolled during the semester for at least 12 credits,
  3. Must be committed to work on project for at least one semester. Students that fail to satisfy this condition will become ineligible for participation in the future, and
  4. A GPA of 3.2 and above.

Selection Criteria

  1. Selection will be made by a faculty committee based on:
  2. The academic record,
  3. The Availability of funds,
  4. The Limitation of no more than 6 participants per semester
  5. The student’s short Statement of Purpose for the research project,
  6. The recommendation by the faculty member who will supervise the project, and
  7. To expose more students to research opportunities, priority will be given to first-time applicants.


Students are expected to conduct research approximately 10 hrs per week throughout the semester and will be paid through the SURE program and faculty member at the rate of $8.50 per hour.

Requirements for Student Participants:

  1. Set up research schedule with faculty advisor and graduate mentor, if any
  2. Weekly meeting with faculty advisor
  3. Submit an abstract, research plan, project schedule, milestones, and bi-weekly progress report to your faculty advisor and the appropriate department head
  4. Make a 10-15 minutes presentation on your research project results to the engineering faculty and interested students, and provide a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to the appropriate department head
  5. Submit a poster presentation to PUC’s student research day. Required for SURE participants in the spring semester, and also for fall semester participants who are on campus in the following spring.


Applications should be sent directly to Dr. George Nnanna at

At the end of each project, students are expected to develop a paper, poster, and/or presentation.

If you have questions or concerns about SURE, please contact George Nnanna at 219-989-2071.