Senior Student Projects

Experiential learning does not add to the students educational experience rather it MULTIPLIES the experience!!

Competition team sanding behind PUC Steel Bridge Project

Steel Bridge Competition Project

Anastasios Kratimenos, Zijie Li, Nilay Parikh, Steven Vanes, Sarah Misiunas, Keith Whyte, Rebecca Noteboom, Adeyemi Adeleke, Toby Ott, Daniel Schultz

PUC students in competition canoe

Concrete Canoe Competition Project – Spring 2012

Steven Vanes & Sarah Misiunas

Competition team standing around concrete canoe

Concrete Canoe Competition Project – Spring 2011

Mark Lindsley, Adeyemi Adeleke, Rebecca Noteboom, Eric Groat, Matthew Dillman, Anastasios Kratimenos, a student from another school, Sarah Misiunas, Steven Vanes

PUC team standing around Human Powered Vehicle

Human Powered Vehicle

Ben Moul, Jon Eitzen, Philip Mann, Andrea David, Ryan Natzke, Don Gray

Moonbuggy teammates riding on moonbuggy.

NASA Moonbuggy Competition Project Spring 2012

Maria Frebis, Benjamin Moul, Photo courtesy of NASA

 Space Diffusion Flow Chamber

Space Diffusion  -  Flow Chamber

Student’s project in HVAC & R Laboratory

Vapor Compression Refrigeration Unit

Vapor Compression Refrigeration Unit

Undergraduate Senior Design Project in HVAC & R Laboratory

This project won first place in American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers 2012