Indiana Harbor & Canal Confined Disposal Facility & Navigational Dredging Presentation

Hand made of circuit boards in blue, catching a large water dropletJennifer Miller, PhD, PE
Chief, Environmental Engineering Team, Chicago District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District

Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Student Union and Library, SULB #321

The downstream end of the Grand Calumet Area of Concern is a manmade, federally maintained navigation channel and harbor known as Indiana Harbor and Canal.  This heavily industrialized harbor area is the third busiest harbor by tonnage on the Great Lakes, and the condition of the sediment in the channel reflects the industrial past.   Dredging was suspended for a 40 year period while the US Army Corps of Engineers sought an acceptable disposal location for the heavily contaminated sediment.  The Indiana Harbor and Canal Confined Disposal Facility (IHC CDF) was completed in 2011, and dredging has occurred over the last two years.  The goal of the navigation project is channel maintenance, in contrast to the EPA-lead restoration projects upstream.  This talk will focus on the CDF and the federal dredging, which is quite different from other projects in the area.

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