Graduate Program

Purdue University Calumet provides opportunities for qualified individuals who wish to work towards a Master’s degree in engineering. The engineering departments offer a strong interdisciplinary program. All graduate faculty members have Ph.D. degrees from major universities and are active in research.

Courses are available in the aerospace, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, and mechanical engineering fields, including communications, control systems, digital systems, software engineering, energy, mathematics, metallurgy, statistics, and thermal sciences. The student may elect courses in several engineering disciplines or strong options in a few disciplines such as electrical, computer or mechanical. Both thesis and non-thesis programs can be arranged.

The academic load for each student will be designed according to the needs of the student in order to fulfill the required 30 hours credit in a timely fashion. Full or part-time study can be arranged to help suit each graduate student’s schedule.

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

For students having an accredited undergraduate degree in engineering.  Areas of specialization:

Civil Engineering students can use the MSE Degree Interdisciplinary Engineering Option.

Post-Baccalaureate Studies

Students can take individual courses for professional development without pursuing a graduate degree.