Research Projects: Robert Rescot

NIRPC RailVision project

This project was as a senior design project for calendar year 2012; based on committee feedback this is likely to continue for calendar year 2013. The scope of this project is to assist the NIRPC RailVision committee (of which I am a member) to further develop plans and options to enhance rail-grade crossing safety across north west Indiana.

Railroad gate crossing prediction model

This evolved out of the RailVision project and was supported by a SURE grant in Spring 2012, and will be supported once again in Spring 2013 to build out the data set into a full journal paper that teases out the nuances of what factors are statistically relevant to predicting when and how often people will drive around closed (down) railroad gates.

Development of a simulation model for the Gostlin street corridor in Hammond, Indiana. In collaboration with CIVS, and the city of Hammond we are (will) be developing a simulation model exploring the feasibility for a roundabout on Gostlin street near the NICTD South Shore passenger rail station.

Development of a statewide implementation plan for Flashing Yellow Arrow to be used in lieu of traditional left turn yield on green. This project hopefully will be funded by Indiana Department of Transportation. A proposal has been submitted for the DOT, and an in-person follow up meeting has been held with the sponsor. If this is successful

Optimization of winter weather responses by the Indiana DOT. This is in a very early stage of development, and preliminary data collection is being organized for this current winter season, with the goal of submitting a full proposal in the fall of 2013 to INDOT. The current intended scope of this project is to compare travel patterns, travel forecasting, weather forecasting, to optimize deployment of salt and snow plows on DOT maintained routes in Northwest Indiana, and to assess current safety impacts to motorists, plow drivers (employees), and the state.

Development of a US Department of Transportation funded University Transportation Center partnership. This would provide (matching) funds for various future transportation research grants, enhanced student learning (educational grants), graduate student funding, and to raise the profile of our university. This will require matching funds that hopefully will be available from future INDOT projects. This will hopefully be in collaboration with Purdue West Lafayette. The USDOT has published a set of broad funding guidelines in the federal register for public comment, but has not released the full RFP at this time, so the scope of this will evolve with the RFP and in collaboration with other institutions. A preliminary meeting will be held in Washington DC in January 2013 to further discuss this with other possible stakeholders.

Development of a branding strategy for my transportation engineering related projects and students, tentatively to be named the “Transportation Research Innovations Group” or TRIG for short with a stylized right triangle as a logo and a tag line “Right on Transportation for Indiana.” This will hopefully include a website, to showcase student project and to provide a hub for transportation related activities.