Extramural Grants

Ongoing Externally Funded Projects (753,776.00)

  • “Examining climate change influence on non-point source pollution using NSPECT models for Lake Michigan Watershed,”  Funding Agency; $21,317, INDR, PI:  Chandramouli Viswanathan; Co-PI: George Nnanna
  • “Study of the Total Suspended Solids Profiles, $10,000 – Funding Agency – East Chicago Drinking Water Plant,” (PI: George Nnanna)
  • “Refrigeration and Heat Pump Teaching System,” – $4,994, Funding Agency – ASHRAE Inc.; (PI: Nnanna)
  • “Lake Michigan Water Resource Study,” $28,000– Funding Agency – IDEM; (PI: George Nnanna, Co-PI: Chandra Viswanathan)
  • “Developing KIVA hp-adaptive FEM packages – phase III”,  $50,000, – Funding Agency – Los Alamos National Lab; (PI: X. Wang)
  • “Development of Guidelines for the Deployment of Flashing Yellow Arrow Traffic Signals in Indiana, of $68,921.73 from Indiana Department of Transportation, (PI: Robert Rescot)
  • “Simulation and Visualization Model for the Gostlin Street Corridor.” $23,544.06 from City of Hammond, Indiana, (PI: Robert Rescot)
  • “NSF S-STEM, 3rd year,” $575,000, (PI: Harvey Abramowitz)
  • “Indiana Illinois Sea Grant, Climate Change Analysis in Lake Michigan Watershed, $ 64000, (PI: V. Chandramouli)
  • India Engagement Proposal, $10000. PI: Prof. Rao Govindaraju, Purdue West Lafayette, (Co-PI: V. Chandramouli)

External Grants Approved for Funding ($362,000.00)

  • Mercury Reduction from Municipal Effluents Discharged into Lake Michigan, $50,000 (Approved for funding), Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Grant Program, August 2013 – August 2014 (PI – G. Nnanna)
  • Occurrence of Emerging Contaminants in Lake Michigan and Sensory Development, $50,000 (Approved for funding), Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Grant Program, August 2013 – August 2014 (PI – G. Nnanna)
  • Integrating virtual 3D lab modules for flood modeling studies in civil engineering curriculum: An Inter-university Implementation and Evaluation, $200, 000 (Approved for funding), National Science Foundation, PI: Chandra Viswanathan; Co-PIs: Purdue Calumet – Chenn Zhou, Emily Hixon and George Nnanna; Ramesh Teegavarapu from Florida Atlantic University; Pradeep Behera from University of District of Columbia; and Dr. Fox, University of Kentucky.
  • Engaging Students: Everyday Examples in Engineering (E3s) Mini-Grant, $2000, PI: Yeow Siow
  • A collaborative effort for KIVA hp-FE, $60,000, LANL, PI: Xiuling Wang.