Electives for Civil Engineering

Download a copy of Electives for Civil Engineering Curricula (PDF 11KB)

Electives for Civil Engineering

Any three CE courses selected by the student with prior approval of advisor.

Civil Engineering Restricted Science Elective:

One required, select from:

  • BIOL 10100 – Introductory Biology
  • SCI 10300 – Survey of the Biological World
  • SCI 10400 – Introduction to Environmental Biology
  • BIOL 22100 – Introduction to Microbiology
  • BIOL 31600 – Basic Microbiology (Prereq: BIOL 10100, BIOL 10200, CHM 11500, CHM 11600)


Required: (9 credits)

  • PHIL 32400 Engineering Ethics (3 credits) which meets the General Education requirement for Humanities
  • One course (3 credits) that meets the General Education requirement for Social Sciences
  • The balance (3 credits) is selected by the student and adviser to give the student an opportunity to explore areas within the humanities and social sciences. Credit for ECON 21000 is not allowed.

Subject areas not acceptable are skills courses such as writing and speaking, accounting, industrial management, personal finance, ROTC, and personnel administration. Credit is not allowed for a student’s native language.