Industrial Engineering

Course List
Course Number Course Title Class / Credit Hours Prerequisites / Co-requisites Course Description
IE 53000 QUALITY CONTROL (Class 3, Cr. 3) Prerequisite: IE 33000 or STAT 51600

Principles and practices of statistical quality control in industry. Control charts for measurements and for attributes. Acceptance sampling by attributes and by measurements. Standard sampling plans. Sequential analysis. Sampling inspection of continuous production.

IE 53600 STOCHASTIC MODELS IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH I (Class 3, Cr. 3) Prerequisite: IE 33600

An introduction to techniques for modeling random processes used in operations research. Markov chains, continuous time Markov processes, Markovian queues, reliability and inventory models.

IE 59000 TOPICS IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (Class 0 to 6, Lab. 0 to 18, Cr. 1 to 6)

Credit and hours to be arranged. Selected topics in industrial engineering for seniors and graduate students. May be repeated with permission of advisor.