Course List
Course Number Course Title Class / Credit Hours Prerequisites / Co-requisites Course Description
ENGR 14000 PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS (Class 2, Cr. 2) Prerequisite: MA 15900

An introduction to computer programming and design with emphasis on engineering applications. The organization of programming logic which is applicable to all computer languages. The C++ programming language will be introduced and used to implement structured programming designs.

ENGR 15100 SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR ENGINEERS (Class 2, Lab. 3, Cr. 3) Prerequisite: MA 15900

Introduction to MATLAB and engineering problem solving, with MATLAB. Students will be introduced to arrays rational and logical operations, control flow of sequence, selection and repetition, function definition, 2-D and 3-D graphics, data analysis, Graphical Used Interface (GUI) development, and Simulink.

ENGR 15200 PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS (Class 2, Lab. 3, Cr. 3) Prerequisite: ENGR 15100

Introductory C programming course. Students will be introduced to basic syntax, standard mathematics library, control structures, user-defined functions, arrays, pointers, structures, and file I/Os. Laboratory exercises will accelerate learning of fundamental materials through supervised practice.

ENGR 16000 SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR ENGINEERS (Class 2, Cr. 2) Prerequisite: ENGR 14000

An introduction to packaged software solutions designed for engineering applications. Emphasis will be on MATLAB and Simulink packages with direct applications to engineering problems.


The course will provide the foundations for students enabling them to: learn to succeed, work together in teams, understand the field chosen for study and orient them to university life and environs.

ENGR 19000 ELEMENTARY ENGINEERING DESIGN (Class 1, Lab. 3, Cr. 2) Prerequisite: MA 159

An introduction to engineering design.

ENGR 19500 FRESHMAN ENGINEERING PROJECTS (Class 1 to 3, Lab. 0 to 6, Cr. 1 to 3)

Topics vary

ENGR 22000 INTRODUCTORY ENGINEERING III (Class 1, Cr. 1) Prerequisite: ENGR 16000

Continuation of ENGR 16000. Further lectures on the engineering profession and a continuation of computer programming design and implementation. Emphasis on engineering applications.