Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics

Our department teaches mathematics, computer science, and statistics courses to all students, providing the foundations in quantitative reasoning within the general education. Specialized electives provide in-depth educational experiences for student in our majors.  All programs are based on an understanding of mathematics as one of humankind’s most impressive intellectual achievements. A careers-for-today-and-the future approach provides the framework for programs in the Department.

  • Mathematics is a balance of art and science which enriches other areas of human endeavor and draws from those areas some seeds of its own continuing growth.
  • Computer Science and Statistics, with roots deep in the traditions of mathematics, are exciting, rapidly expanding fields which provide the basis for many contemporary applications which affect us daily in such areas as commerce, industry, medicine, and environmental issues.
  • Mathematics education focuses on deep conceptual understanding of mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge and on the psychological and sociological aspects of mathematics learning.

Within each major, students choose a blend of mathematics, computer science, and statistics appropriate to building strong foundations for professional development. Please browse our department and see what we have to offer!