Program Services

Throughout the academic year and summer, the McNair Achievement Program provides participants with:

  • Seminars and workshops that address issues and concerns that are crucial for preparing for graduate/doctoral study
  • Assistance with the graduate admissions and financial aid processes
  • GRE, GMAT and other admissions examinations preparation workshops
  • Visitations to various graduate schools across the country
  • Opportunities to participate in scholarly research and professional conferences
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Academic tutoring in all disciplines

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Responsibilities of McNair Scholars

These benefits are obtained in part through participation in the following programs:

Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP)
The SRIP provides McNair participants with the opportunity to develop and explore, in collaboration with a faculty mentor, a research area related to their interests. This collaboration is intended to introduce students to the nature of graduate study, scholarly activity and research careers. One of the major goals of the summer Program is to establish student/faculty relationships that initiate the student into scholarly activities of the student’s chosen discipline and to enable faculty members in the student’s discipline to become more familiar with the student’s work. Hence, the program attempts to provide a model of the student major professor relationship that is crucial for success in graduate school.

Graduate/Professional School Selection
All McNair participants are assisted in choosing the graduate or professional school program that best fits their needs. Throughout the year, participants are involved in graduate school and professional school visitations throughout the country. These visitations allow students to meet (in person) with graduate school representatives as well as graduate faculty to discuss graduate admission requirements, financial aid and other programs.

Academic Tutoring
The program provides participants individual and group tutoring in all subject areas with special emphasis on technical areas and writing assistance.

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External Research and Educational Opportunities