Faculty/Staff Climate Assessment


December 2009 / January 2010 

Consultant Richard Day Delivers Campus Climate Report to PUC

As promised by the MCC, Richard Day Research visited PUC several times in late November and early December to discuss the findings in the Campus Climate Assessment.  Below are a few highlights from the presentation or read the full report:

  • Most all feel campus climate is important, but even more important is excellent instruction, preparing students for work, and personal safety.  
  • Members of the service staff are the consistently lowest in feeling respected, feeling safe, understanding a path to promotion, receiving clear directions regarding their work, being treated fairly, and feeling listened to Career advancement is constrained by a lack of budget and openings, much more than issues of gender, race, age, etc. 

 September 2009


Memo to Campus Community – April 2009

 Dear Purdue Calumet Faculty and Staff:

As part of our ongoing process to evaluate the climate at Purdue Calumet, the Multicultural Campus Council will begin a benchmark comparison study during the Fall 2009 semester. In order to accomplish this, we are planning to conduct a survey whose results will be compared to other universities.

To date we have shared with the campus the findings of the March-April 2008 survey done by an internal faculty group. Attached you will find the comments from the town hall forums which followed the survey, consistent with the plan that was presented in the Summer of 2008, “All suggestions and comments will be recorded carefully and circulated back to the Campus Community and to an outside consultant who will help us design and implement the next step in our process.”We have recently contracted with an outside consultant, Richard Day Research of Evanston, IL. The firm has worked for institutions such as the University of Chicago, DePaul University, George Mason University and Purdue Calumet. Richard Day has served as an election analyst for ABC 7 in Chicago for over 30 years.

Dr. Day and his staff have been reviewing and summarizing the climate studies conducted at other universities as well as Purdue Calumet and the comments from the PUC town hall forums conducted last fall. They will then build on what has been learned from their analysis and conduct a survey in Fall 2009 that will compare the climate at PUC to the climates of other universities. We will provide more details in the fall about the questionnaire. It will be available online and should take about 10 minutes to complete. We hope you will continue to add your voice to this important work.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this vital process.

The Members of the Multicultural Campus Council:

Cheryl Anema; Debbie Bachmann, John Bachmann, Regina D. Biddings-Muro; Martine Duchatelet; Ezekiel J. Flannery; James Ford; Michelle A. Gilhooly; Kara S. Griffin; Shannon Hamel; Roy Hamilton; Pamela Hunter; Mark R. LaCien; Laura Luna; Joe Morales; Pat Obi; Raquel Perez; Dolores Rinke; Cynthia Robinson; Shelly Robinson; Chandra Sekhar; Nicoleta E. Tarfulea; Kathleen Tobin