What has the MCC been up to?

2011-2012 Co-Sponsored Projects

  • World premier “Dreamland Burning”, November 2011
  • Building Community through the Arts, Event titled: Holiday’s Around the  World…that you’ve probably never heard of, November 2011
  • King Day Convocation, Celebrating Civil Rights and International Social Justice, January 2012
  • Chinese Student Association, New Year Celebration, February 2012
  • Women’s History Month, February 2012
  • Disability Awareness Month, April 2012
  • Building Community through the Arts, Celebrating the American Culture: Forged in Steel, April 2012
  • Safe Zone Training, April 2012

Currently accepting proposals for sponsorship of Multicultural activity

 Recent Accomplishments

  • Initiated Multiculturalism Awareness Poster Project August 2010 (posters in every classroom)
  • Sponsored 60-minute Webinar “Hate Crimes & Prejudice: Breaking Stereotypes & Stopping Crime”, June 2, 2010
  • Collaborated with External Agencies to Develop Hates Crimes Policy May 2010
  • Co-Sponsored Morehouse College Glee Club Performance, Alumni Hall, March 8, 2010
  • Co-sponsored (with Student Affairs) the International Social Justice Journey to Memphis, TN- February 18-21, 2010
  • Co-sponsored the Chinese Student Association New Year Party, Alumni Hall,  February 13, 2010
  • Co-sponsored the Martin Luther King Day Convocation, Alumni Hall, January 26-27, 2010
  • Sponsored Campus Climate Assessment, Fall 2009