Key Contacts


Career Assistance

Career Services can assist you with resume development, interviewing, job search assistance, networking, professionalism, compensation and negotitation issues, etc.  For a personal appointment contact Shelly L. Robinson, Director, Career Services at 219/989-2600 or


Career Counseling 

Find out how your interests and personality can relate to a good career choice that will fit with you.  We can help define career goals that will lead to developing an understanding of career opportunities that may be available to you.  Ultimately, the student will be better prepared to make sound occupational choices.  Contact Dr. Kenneth Jackson, Director, Counseling Center  at 219/989-2366 or

Research Coaching

Being prepared for the first-round, second-round and even a third-round of interviews requires candidates to be informed about key executives, companies, brands, competitors and industries.  If you are unsure of how to gather the information you need, contact the PUC Science and Business Librarian, at 219/989-2947 .  Through one-on-one consultations, she will guide you to valuable research resources.  Keep in mind that she won’t do the research for you, instead she will teach you how to spend your research time efficiently and effectively.  And will point you to career resources specific to your needs.