Career Development

At PUC, the School of Management, the Office of Career Services, and the Counseling Center are dedicated to fostering the development of our students and the continued development of our alumni.  Additionally, we continue to partner with employers in a wide range of industries.

If you are seeking to gain a competitive edge in your existing field, the Counseling Center staff will work closely with you to refine your career goals and Career Services can help you navigate the recruiting process.  We will support you by offering expert coaching, career development workshops, education on the various resources and tools to meet your goals, and a growing network of alumni with which to make career connections.

Recognizing the ever-changing global business environment, we strive to provide a community that allows students to explore various fields of interest and job pursuits. Whether it is through previous job experience, summer internships, or academic coursework, the School of Management and Career Services will help you identify and transfer your marketable skills from one career to another and assist in achieving career success. 

For personalized assistance in Career Services, please contact Shelly L. Robinson, Director. 219/989-2600