Monday, February 23rd, 2009 - 4:29 pm

Executive MBA Council Discusses ROI

Just how does the Executive MBA degree measure up?
Quite well, it seems, according to the most recent research on the value of the Executive MBA degree to students and their organizations.

High satisfaction
An Executive MBA Council study also shows a satisfaction indicator among alumni that any business would envy: The overwhelming majority – 99 percent – of Executive MBA participants in the study would likely recommend the program to others.

Significant impact
According to 2007 council research:

  • Students who participated in the survey reported a 21 percent salary increase. Students’ salaries rose from a mean of $107,097 when entering their Executive MBA Program to $130,056 after completing the program.
  • While 37 percent of students in the survey expected a promotion, 43 percent of students received a promotion while enrolled in the program.
  • Nearly three-quarters of students in the survey rated the overall value of their Executive MBA Program as excellent and also said that their value to their organization greatly increased.  Read more…