Course Description | Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Every business, every organization, and every team is fundamentally a collection of people who are working together towards one or more common goals or, as one scholar put it, “The people make the place.”   Thus, a foundational understanding of people and human relationships in a workplace context is vital to the short-term and long-term viability of any enterprise.  This class is designed to combine theory and practice in order to bring about a better understanding how individuals, teams, and organizations function.  Particular emphasis is placed on the role of leaders in organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the vital roles of employee satisfaction, commitment, and performance
  • Learn the role that individual personality plays in job performance
  • Develop effective decision-making frameworks
  • Understand how to harness emotions and change attitudes
  • Learn effective team-building techniques and proven methods of motivating others
  • Consider different approaches to leadership which are based on scientific theories
  • Learn to manage organizational change