Course Description | Management Information Systems

This course helps you to understand what IT components are available and how you can utilize appropriate IT applications for success. You will learn the terminology used in the field of IT and how IT principles can apply to your businesses. The course stresses the competitive advantage of using IT and the return on investment that you can see. It focuses on the basic principles of Information Technology: hardware and software components, database technology, telecommunications and networking, e-commerce and e-business, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Expert Systems (ES), systems development and implementation, and the ethical and societal issues involved in IT.

Key Takeaways:

  • Name the components of an information system and describe system characteristics.
  • Identify some of the strategies employed to lower costs and improve service.
  • Describe how to select and organize computer system components to support information system objectives.
  • Discuss the speed, functionality, and importance of input and output devices.
  • Define general data management concepts and terms, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the database approach to data management.
  • Define the terms communications and telecommunications and describe the components of a telecommunications system.
  • Identify and describe Internet, intranet, and extranet and discuss how organizations are using them.
  • Define the terms Enterprise Resource Planning, transaction processing, and electronic commerce.
  • List and discuss important characteristics of decision support systems (DSS), artificial intelligence systems (AI), and expert systems (ES).
  • Discuss the importance of security, privacy, and ethical issues as they relate to information systems.

Special Features:

  • By the use of case studies, the course illustrates the way in which corporations are using Information Technology and the results of those efforts.
  • Emphasis is given to developing integrated strategies to solve business problems by utilizing effective IT principles.
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