Course Description | Operations Management


A major focus of this course involves strategic and planning elements as related to the operations of the enterprise. Modern quality-based and time-based approaches will be examined, and there are many aspects of planning and design to be considered.

Specifically, we will examine:

  • Product or service design – examining the design process, standardization, and the quality function.
  • Process design and capacity – focusing on process selection and capacity planning.
  • Facility layout and location – basic types of layouts and location decisions.
  • Quality management systems – examining contemporary approaches to quality management.
  • Production planning and inventory control – examining approaches to meeting uneven demand and systems for reordering and controlling inventories.
  • Project planning – aspects of planning and scheduling projects.

Additionally, this course involves the application of analytical methods and techniques with a goal of developing superior decision-making skills. To this end, we will examine:

  • Forecasting techniques – examining the selection of forecasting techniques and the evaluation of alternative forecasting approaches.
  • Linear programming – evaluating the appropriateness of linear programming applications in a variety of situations as well as interpreting the outcomes from a linear programming model.
  • PERT- CPM- these computational techniques will be examined in the process of understanding project management.

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