Course Description | Human Resource Management


This course focuses on the crucial role of effective human resource management in achieving organizational success. It emphasizes the ways human resource management can provide a competitive edge for an organization and be the cornerstone of its corporate strategy.

Special sessions are devoted to leadership in an era of change, human resource strategy, managing diversity, and managing behavior. It examines the increasing diverse demography of today’s workforce and the economic, social, legislative, and attitudinal changes affecting human resources. This information is critical to the effective maximization of a leaner workforce and in the appropriate use of motivational theories, leadership styles, and corporate cultures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to be a more effective partner with management in implementing competitive human resource strategy.
  • Analyze and interpret competitive, environmental, and organizational changes influencing human resource strategies.
  • Understand the evolving roles of human resource staff in achieving business change.
  • Learn how to manage people within your organizational structure for competitive advantage in a customer-focused, business environment.
  • Recognize how future trends in linking strategy and human resource management may impact your organization.
  • Understand how to assess current human resource practices and formulate plans for their improvement.
  • Specify human resource problem areas and identify alternative solutions to facilitate management processes.


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