Course Description | Business Law

This course is designed to provide managers with a basic understanding of legal thinking and methodology. Many executives think about legal issues as an afterthought. Therefore, they miss opportunities to use the legal foundations of the business environment to increase their profitability and maximize their operating efficiency.

This course will give each participant an understanding of both general legal reasoning and also the importance of spotting legal issues to mitigate potential liabilities and take advantage of positive legal developments.  Topics covered include legal thinking and methodology; legal foundations of business relationships; litigation and alternative dispute resolution; pricing, distribution and growth; securities and financial transactions; legal issues of personnel management; maximizing intellectual property; and mitigating liability and large damage awards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to spot legal issues early.
  • Learn to mitigate legal liability.
  • Learn to mitigate damage awards.
  • Develop negotiating techniques that produce positive results.
  • Learn how to integrate legal analysis and company strategy to increase operating efficiency.
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