New “Back 2 School” Alumni campaign

Jointly, we have the opportunity to reach candidates, build our program, and grow 2-gether.

For every candidate you refer to us who is admitted and enrolled in the program, you will have the opportunity to take one of our MBAE classes with our current cohort. You can choose among the new courses, e.g. Leadership, Decision Analytic Skill, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, or any of our core courses such as Economics, Finance, Marketing, among others.

This is a great way to continue learning and enhancing your business skills as well as your knowledge in any specific field and to say nothing of the networking opportunities with new MBAEs.

We are also delighted to announce MBAE-7, Kathryn Sink as our first candidate for the “Back 2 School” award. Kathryn has been not only a faithful MBAE Ambassador but also one of our best alumni recruiters. She has referred two MBAE candidates. One student is part of our current MBAE-11 and the other is in the application process.

So, do you know an up and coming professional like you that would be a GREAT fit for the MBAE program? Do you have a colleague who wants to take their career to the next level as you did?