It’s not about me, it’s up to me

 Shontrai Irving, member of MBAE-10, and about to graduate in February, is a lawyer with a higher purpose.  Shontrai was recently featured in the Indiana State Bar Association’s magazing “Res Gestae”.

He was featured in a column devoted to highlighting outstanding contributions of lawyers outside of the law for his committment to children.  Shontrai has worked in the Lake County Prosecutors Office and also for State Farm.   On top of a demanding legal career Shontrai has given generously of himself as a foster parent to FIVE children.  He provides these lucky children with a home, a solid role model, and perhaps most importantly “that one person who believes in them”.

Michael Tolbert, a former ISBA Board of Governers representative calls Shontrai “the epitome of what a lawyer should be”.  Shontrai has also been named by the Indiana Foster Care Adoption Association as Indiana’s Foster Parent of the Year for 2007.  He was also honored by the Indiana Pacers as an Indiana Hero.

We are immensely proud of Shontrai!

Click on the link to read the article from Res Gestae. res-gestae-article