Plan of Study

The Degree Program consists of three phases: foundation course work, the core program, and electives. The program effectively requires that all graduate students complete a minimum of 45 graduate credit hours (21 hours from Phase I and 24 from Phase II), in addition to a specified number of electives.

A student accepted into the program with a satisfactory background in Phase I begins the course of study in Phase II. For this class of students, a minimum of 36 graduate credit hours must be completed toward graduation, of which 24 hours must be drawn from the core. The determination of what constitutes “a satisfactory background in Phase I” will be made for each individual student by the Graduate Management Admissions Committee through the advising process. This is outlined on your plan of study.

Phase I: Foundation Courses
Foundation courses are designed to provide a background in fundamental managerial tools for decision making. In addition, students gain an initial exposure in the major functional areas of management. Foundation courses can be waived if the applicant has the degree equivalence of Purdue Calumet’s Bachelor of Science in Management program.

Phase II: The Core Program
Core courses provide the facts and decision-making skills needed to function in the general framework of business and management. These courses are outlined in Phase II of the program.

Phase III: Electives
Electives are described in Phase III of the program. Elective courses may be used to gain flexibility in course choice or to acquire greater depth in a chosen field. You may substitute a graduate elective for a foundation course, with the permission of the Graduate Advisor. This could be done if it is determined that you would gain no additional benefit by taking the foundation course. For a student having no applicable waivers, the program requires completion of all the courses in Phases I and II and any other courses that may be specified in the student’s plan of study.