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What is a reserve?

In order to make it easier for you to gain access to materials needed for your courses, the Library maintains a collection of materials that your instructors have requested be placed on reserve.

Who may borrow a reserve?

Only Purdue Calumet undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, administrators, lecturers, clerical staff, and service staff can check out reserve materials.

How do I find a reserve?

Reserves are kept at the Public Services Desk which is located on the second floor of the Student Union and Library Building (SUL 201). To check if an item is on reserve, you may call 219-989-2224.

How do I check out a reserve?

A valid Purdue Calumet student ID card is required to check out reserve material. Reserve material is categorized by course number and instructor. Students must know this information in order to get the needed reserve material.

How long can I keep a reserve?

Reserve materials can be checked out for the loan period designated by the instructor. Generally, items are checked out for two-hour library use. However, occasionally instructors will place items on reserve for three day or one week home use.

What are the rules?

  • A limit of three reserve items may be checked out at one time.
  • Reserve materials may not be renewed.
  • Borrowers who do not return reserve materials by the date and time designated on the date due slip will be restricted to library use of all reserve materials and are liable for overdue/damage/replacement fees.

How do I place material on reserve?

Bring the material to the Library Circulation/Reserve desk and complete a Library Reserve Request form. Reserves may also be submitted by campus mail or as an e-mail attachment to

Electronic submissions must have the Library Reserve Request form attached. An electronic version of the form is available on our Library home page. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours (excluding weekends) to process reserves. At the beginning of semesters, reserve requests can require two to three days to process. In order to be fair, all reserve requests are processed in the order they are received.

Library Reserve Request Form(.doc)

Note: If you don’t have Word installed, download and install Microsoft Word Viewer to view and print MS Word documents.

How do I request a library instruction session?

If you would like to request a library instruction session, please e-mail your subject liaison.

How do I access a database from off campus?

Off-campus students have access to all of PUC Library databases. When accessing a database from an off-campus location, you will be prompted to enter in your PUC Career Account/User ID and password. This is the same user name and password used to access myPUC.

Off-campus database troubleshooting,

How do I donate materials to the PUC archives?

All materials to be donated should be packed into boxes, should be packed in the order they were in file cabinets, storage area, etc. An index of the materials sent would be appreciated.

more information on how do I donate materials to the PUC archives…

How do I donate materials to the PUC Library (gift books)?

In general, the PUC Library does not accept gifts for the Library’s collection. Special gifts should be directed to the Director of Learning and Research Services for further consideration.

What is Presentation Practice Room?

The Presentation Practice Room is another of the Library’s unique offerings to students. A student or group of students (maximum of 6) can use the room to rehearse a speech, fine tune a presentation, review a power point slide show, prepare a proposal for an internship or job interview in a conference setting.

more information on what is presentation practice room…

How can I use a group study or presentation practice room?

The group study room(s) and presentation practice room are on a first come basis and no reservation is needed.

How many books can I check out and how long is the loan period?

Up to 99 items can be checked out on one account. The loan period for undergraduate student is 4 weeks, graduate student 8 weeks, faculty and staff 52 weeks, continuing lecturer a full semester.

How do I print a document?

Every student starts with 500 pages on your GoPrint account to use for printing from on campus printers. After you click on print you will be asked to login using your MyPUC username and password and your account will be debited for the number of pages you print. You can add more money to your GoPrint at various locations across campus.

What if my username and password (do not) work?

Contact the IS Customer Support Center at 219-989-2888.

How can I check out a laptop?

You can come to the circulation desk in the library.

How much are photocopies and how do I add value to my copy card?

Photocopies are 10 cents if you use coins and 5 cents if you have a copy card.  To add value to copy card, use Venda Coder or one of our copy machines.

Does the library have a color printer? How much do color prints cost?

Yes.  Color print is 25 cents.


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