Two New JSTOR Collections Are Now Available

Good news. The University Library has recently expanded the holdings in JSTOR by adding two new JSTOR collections, Arts & Sciences IV and Arts & Sciences VII. The university now has more resources to support research and teaching with the additions of new JSTOR contents.

The Arts & Sciences IV has a strong focus on the professions of business, education, and law, and also includes titles in psychology, public policy, political science, and history. There are 112 scholarly journals in this collection.

The Arts and Sciences VII includes 180 titles across thirty-five disciplines in arts, humanities, social sciences, and business. Arts and Sciences VII also has the largest collection of international titles with over 15 countries represented.

JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collections are available from the Library’s home page, under Databases. It is arranged alphabetically under the letter “J.” JSTOR is available both on and off-campus.