About Us

The Leadership Center at Purdue Calumet is an interdisciplinary center drawing on the expertise and research interests of faculty across the university, will provide opportunities for our faculty, students and community constituents to engage in the study of leadership and the application of leadership concepts and constructs to the personal and organizational development of experienced and emerging leaders. The work of the center is grounded in research as it may be applied in a variety of contexts, from regional to global.  The distinctive focus of the center is the integration of current research findings with programs to improve leadership practice.

The Leadership Center at Purdue Calumet aims to help organizations address practical leadership challenges with contemporary thinking from relevant fields of research.  We accomplish this through interactive dialog between participating faculty and students and leaders from corporate and social service sectors to both solve immediate problems and expand our understanding of leadership.

The Leadership Center at Purdue Calumet is a laboratory for the study of leadership where faculty from a wide range of disciplines engage one another’s work at both theoretical and applied levels.

The educational mission of the Center is to inspire the current and future workforce of Northwest Indiana and surrounding areas so Northwest Indiana is rich with civic, business, and non-profit leaders who can help this region thrive. Our direct impact transforms those engaged with the Center, expanding their concepts of how they see themselves as leaders and empowering them to influence others in profound ways. These leaders recognize their ability to influence—on both a regional and global level–and become more effective leaders at work, and also become involved in community issues that matter to them. These transformed leaders, in turn, transform the people and environments around them—effecting positive, substantive change.

The Center offers educational and training opportunities geared toward students and professionals, including institutes, workshops and lectures. Because of the breadth of leadership, learners from all disciplines and at all stages of development have an opportunity to expand their understanding of leadership. The Center supports the development of courses related to leadership on the Purdue Calumet campus, extracurricular opportunities for leadership development through Student Affairs programming, and external consultancies for community leaders. We work to create innovative approaches to teaching and training as well as new methods of delivering content, both in person and through technological media.

Experiential Learning
The Center provides students the opportunity to further develop their own leadership abilities by participating in actual experiences such as community service, retreats, internships, and so on. Leadership development requires the integration of theory and practice, an approach that integrates well with Purdue Calumet’s experiential learning graduation requirement. Some of these experiential opportunities are provided through existing programs such as Spring Break-Thru and Day of Caring. Others may include local, national and international service opportunities.