LASS Mission Statement


Purdue University Calumet

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LASS) serves Purdue Calumet by providing its students with a broad, high quality, university education. It offers specialized programs in Behavioral Sciences, Communication and Creative Arts, English and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History and Political Science, and Hospitality and Tourism Management.  It provides students in these areas, as well as those in the professional schools, with the knowledge, proficiencies, and values necessary to lead, inform, and contribute to a diverse society and changing economy.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences fulfills its mission through:

Embracing Knowledge

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences fosters a broad understanding of the world in which we live through studies of the past, works of art and literature, philosophical teachings, social behavior and the individual mind.  It recognizes that acquiring a strong base of knowledge about the human experience is fundamental to lifelong learning, informed decision making, meaningful civic engagement, satisfying careers, and an overall higher quality of life.

Faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences advance knowledge and new discoveries by engaging in a wide range of scholarly research and creative endeavor.  They are committed to excellence in teaching, bringing new knowledge to students, and supporting the free exchange of ideas both in and out of the classroom.  They encourage learning through experience by mentoring students in research, creative endeavors and activities, and developing service learning and cultural immersion opportunities locally and abroad.

Faculty members recognize the growing diversity of Purdue University Calumet students, as well as the breadth of their interests and plans for the future.  They acknowledge the central role the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences play in general education for all students and the ways in which their specialized disciplines prepare majors for life after graduation.

Building Proficiencies

Education in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences enhances students’ abilities to communicate effectively through writing, listening, and speaking in both English and other languages.  Students are enabled to reach higher levels of literacy in interpreting traditional written works, as well as in understanding and evaluating modern media and technology-driven information.  They learn to construct arguments and reason effectively, allowing them to think critically and independently.  With an emphasis on research and analysis, students learn to ask the right questions, evaluate evidence, and make sound judgments.  The skills attained through the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences enhance creativity, foster innovative approaches, and cultivate alternative problem solving in a changing world.

Mastery in these areas is achieved through completion of discipline specific undergraduate and graduate degrees, and also by integrating substantive LASS courses into professional development programs and plans of study.

Fostering Values

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences encourages students to respect differences in backgrounds, perspectives, and choices that contribute to the rich diversity of the classroom, the Calumet Region and the world.  Exploring how people think and live prepares students for more effective community engagement, civic participation and work relations.  This is learned through developing an appreciation for one’s own heritage and the heritage of others, the multiplicity of political opinions and expressions, and the complex functions of cultural, social and individual behaviors.

The search for an understanding of human societies and their interactions positively affects a student’s ability to shape public policy in ways that better anticipate benefits and outcomes.  Research and applied learning, well-grounded in ethics, also advance a greater sense of responsibility in the public sphere.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences continually pursues new ways to ensure best practices in teaching, research and applications of knowledge.  Its faculty work to maintain currency in their fields, test alternative course delivery methods, and seek grant opportunities to support scholarship, teaching, and service activities.  In doing so, LASS upholds the standards of excellence expected from Purdue University Calumet students and those they encounter during their lives beyond graduation.

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