2013 – 2014 Members & Committee List

LASS Council Committee

Cathy Gillotti (Chair)
Gloria Velez-Rendon (FLL)
Herlinda Ramirez-Barradas(FLL)
Sheila Rezak (Library)
Yueqi Zhang (CCA)
Elsa Weber (BHS)
Kate Sweeney (BHS) 
David Detmer (Engl & Phil)
Mohammed Errihani (Engl & Phil)
Maurice Eisenstein (Hist & Pol Sci)
Wendy St. Jean (Hist & Pol Sci)

Area Committee

Jose Castro-Urioste-FLL
Joseph Wetchler-BHS
Jane Campbell-E&PH
Saul Lerner-H&PS
Theresa Carilli-CCA
Rebecca Stankowski-LIBR

Curriculum Committee

Elsa Weber-BHS (Chair)
Gloria Velez-Rendon-FLL
Yueqi Zhang-CCA
Maurice Eisnestein-Hist & Pol Sci
David Detmer-ENGL

Educational and Faculty Policy Committee

Mohammed Errihani-ENGL
Herlinda Ramirez-Barradas-FLL
Kate Sweeney-BHS
Wendy St. Jean(Chair)-Hist & Pol Sci


Nominations and Elections

Sheila Rezak (Chair)

Grade Appeals Committee

Samuel Zinaich (Chair)