2014-2015 LASS Council

The LASS Council is the representational body of current faculty in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Purdue University Calumet.


LASS Council Committee 

Cathy Gillotti (CCA)
Florian Vauleon (FLL)
Marisa Garcia-Verdugo (FLL)
Sheila Rezak (Library)
Elsa Weber (BHS)
Su-Jeong Wee (BHS)
Mark Mabrito(Fall 14)/David Detmer(Spring 15) (Engl & Phil)
Mohammed Errihani (Engl & Phil)
Maurice Eisenstein (Hist & Pol Sci) (Chair)
Wendy St. Jean (Hist & Pol Sci)

Area Committee 


Curriculum Committee 

Elsa Weber-BHS (Chair)
Forian Vauleon-FLL
Cathy Gillotti-CCA
Maurice Eisnestein-Hist & Pol Sci
Mark Mabrito (Fall 14)/David Detmer(Spring 15)-ENGL

Educational and Faculty Policy Committee 

Mohammed Errihani-ENGL
Marisa Garcia-Verdugo-FLL
Su-Jeong Wee-BHS
Wendy St. Jean(Chair)-Hist & Pol Sci

Nominations and Elections 

Sheila Rezak (Chair) 

Grade Appeals Committee 

Samuel Zinaich (Chair)