The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences


The College of LASS consists of five departments that will help you realize your goals:

Ron Corthell

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the largest school at Purdue University Calumet, offering  Bachelor’s programs and Master’s programs in five different departments.  I invite you to explore these departments, both here online and in person on campus, and learn how they can assist you in your quest to achieve your goals.

Students graduating with degrees in the liberal arts and social sciences go on to careers in a wide range of fields, including:  Public Relations … Counseling … Advertising … International Relations … Law … Publishing … Radio and Television … Human Relations … Professional Writing … Graphic Arts … Law Enforcement … Public Policy … and many, many others.

Finding a good job in any of these fields is possible by choosing a major from the impressive array of programs that we offer, including:  Criminal Justice … Communications Advertising … Professional Writing … Political Communication … Media and Culture … Philosophy … English Literature … Spanish … Marriage and Family Therapy … and (again) many, many others.

These majors have significant benefits, including the development of skills related to critical thinking, leadership, written and oral communication, conceptual analysis, and problem solving.  The value of these benefits is enhanced further by the faculty who deliver them in the classroom.  Faculty members in LASS are experts in their respective fields, recognized nationally and internationally for their research accomplishments.  Yet, they are also accessible and available to students to discuss coursework, career goals, graduate study, and other components of student success.

LASS also offers a range of unique opportunities which will enhance the learning experience.  These include study abroad options, participation in honors societies, faculty-student collaborative research, internships, service learning, theatre productions, and (that’s right) many, many more possibilities.

You can get additional information about our many programs and majors from our professional advising staff, located in GYTE-171.  I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Welcome to the liberal arts and social sciences!

Ron Corthell, Dean