Center for Nonprofits and Civic Engagement

Hands reaching out to each otherCenter for Nonprofits
and Civic Engagement


Director: Rebecca H. Stankowski, Ph.D.


Rebecca H. Stankowski, Ph.D

Rebecca H. Stankowski

The Purdue University Calumet Center for Nonprofits and Civic Engagement, an interdisciplinary center drawing on the expertise and research interests of faculty across the university, provides opportunities for our faculty and students to engage with the nonprofit community in northwest Indiana in a number of meaningful ways. The Center delivers benefits to funders and foundations, not-for-profit service agencies, and the citizens of northwest Indiana through research activities, the integration of research findings with practical application, and the connection of students to nonprofits through service/experiential learning activities.

The Center’s mission is to contribute to the effectiveness of regional nonprofit agencies, enabling them to better understand and more fully meet the needs of the citizens in their communities through research, practical application of that research, and the engagement of our faculty and students. We will accomplish this mission by conducting research in critical issues facing the not-for-profit sector in northwest Indiana, providing both service agencies and funders with the information needed to make wise funding choices and to plan initiatives that will have the greatest positive impact.