Institute Activities

Policy Studies.  The Institute supports the compilation of policy studies designed to inform a variety of stakeholder groups at a regional and national level.  Policy studies compiled by the Institute draw upon the inter-disciplinary staff of the Institute in order to address the complex and interdependent nature of policy issues.

Program Evaluation.  Program evaluation in the areas of education, health, and human services is closely tied to the area of policy studies.  The Institute provides a regional capacity to assess the effectiveness of initiatives targeted throughout the Midwest region through its interdisciplinary community of scholars.  Program evaluation activities will also provide a context in which graduate students in education, human service, and health disciplines may learn about the effectiveness of interventions.

Program Development.  Program development activities of the Institute are closely connected to the areas of policy study, program evaluation, and consultation services.  Institute scholars will provide expertise related to the design and implementation of interventions in health, human services, and education.

Service Learning. The Institute’s activities will also provide an environment for both undergraduate and graduate students to become engaged in activities designed to prepare them for their professions.  As part of ongoing evaluation and policy study activities, students will have the opportunity to learn more about policy issues related to their chosen disciplines.

Public Education/Dissemination.  The Institute provides an invaluable forum to support public education/dissemination activities.  This capacity complements the policy study activities of the Institute by creating a public awareness of research findings.  It also will provide a capacity for the Institute to insure its relevance in the policymaking context.  The Institute will also provide a neutral forum for discussions related to challenges facing counties and states in the Midwest region.