Bocce Ball

  1. Eight players to a roster, not including captain.
  2. There will be a 15 minutes waiting period from the scheduled start time for a team to show up. You may start with three players (only 3 balls). Late comers can enter the game at any time (4th ball then allowed).
  3. Team can play with 3 players and use 3 balls (Rotating).
  4. If 2 players only show up….that team forfeits the game.
  5. Substitutes can only play one game per day.
  6. Only one substitute on a team during a game.
  7. No substitute or regular player can be on or from another teams Roster.
  8. No player can shoot twice in a row.
  9. If the pallino leaves the court the team throwing will lose one point.
  10. If the pallino is knocked back past the white…the throwing team will lose one point and control of the pallina. Shooting for that turn is over.
  11. Anyone moving any ball before all balls are shot will lose 4 points and control of the pallina. Shooting for that turn is over.
  12. Games will be played1 points.
  13. Only 2 players allowed on court during measuring (Captains or Designee), one from each team. If more people are on the court, those people will lose 4 points for their team (People on opposite side of the court from the measuring are ok).
  14. Only Captains call for a measurement.
  15. During measuring, the person doing the measuring who accidentally moves a ball is not at fault nor is the person helping with the tape. If the ball being measured is purposely moved, 4 points to the other team will be awarded.