1. Each team will play 3 games a night: matches will be 45 minutes long
  2. Games to 21, win by 2 (or whoever reaches 25 1st)
  3. A ten-minute grace period will is allowed before a forfeit is called.
  4. All scheduled games are final. No exceptions.
  5. Everything is a point.
  6. If the ball hits the net it is a side out and an automatic point for opponent.
  7. A ball is hit 2 times by a male player the third hit must be by a female player.
  8. Only front row players can block the net. You cannot block the serve.
  9. All front row players are allowed to spike.


  1. All participants must be Fitness Center members.
  2. Teams have until the 2nd week of the season to add players.
  3. A team with no female players may play with 4 males (regular season only).
  4. Players must play in 2 regular season games to be eligible to play in the