1. A player must play in 2 official games to be eligible for the playoffs.
  2. Teams have until the 2nd game to add players to their roster.
  3. Game length: 2 – 15 minute halves (running clock).
  4. Each team gets 1 timeout per contest.
  5. A win will result in 2 points. A tie will result in 1 point. During the playoffs
    we will play sudden death.
  6. Slaughter Rule: If a team is up by 5 goals their opponent is allowed to play
    with 5 players. If the score is reduced to a 2 goal lead the team with 5 players must go back to 4 players.
  7. Teams must have 4 players on court at a time. If a team has only 3 players, both sides must agree to play 3 on 3. If the team with 4 doesn’t agree then 4 on 3.
  10. Subs can only be made during a dead ball.
  11. Any ball that is touched by an opposing players hand with-in half-court will
    result in a penalty kick.
  12. The ball must be kicked with-in half court to count as a goal.


  • Any player who is red-carded or ejected from a contest by the referee for any infraction will be disqualified from the rest of the game and will also be subjected to further disciplinary action.


  • Any ball touching the ceiling or goes up on the track and comes down will be out of play. The ball will than be placed at the spot where it was last kicked. Balls can be played off the track railing.


  • Any foul will result in a penalty kick. PENALTY KICKS will take place at the center- line. The player will get 1 free kick on goal.