Home Run Derby



  1. There will be four rounds.
  2. Each batter gets 10 outs per at bat (it’s a home run or nothing).
  3. All batters will participate in rounds 1 & 2.
  4. The top 4 home run hitters (total hr’s from rounds 1 & 2) advance to round 3.
  5. 2 batters with highest number of hr’s advance to the championship round.
  6. Most home runs in the finals is the home run derby champ.


  • The batter order is determined by a blind draw.
  • The batting order for rounds 1 & 2 will remain the same
  • Order for advanced rounds based on # home runs (least to most)

Batters tied for 4th during early rounds automatically advance to round 3

If there is a tie after round 3 we will go by:

  • Who hit the most home runs in round 1(still tied)
  • Who hit the most home runs in round 2 (still tied)
  • We will do a one round playoff between the tied batters (each batter
    will get 5 outs) they will bat until the tie is broken

If there is a tie after the championship round we will do a one out at bat per batter (if one player hits an hr and the other makes an out the batter who homered will be the champ