1. Each team will have a set budget to spend on flowers
  2. YOU CANNOT GO OVER BUDGET (Don’t have to use entire budget)
  3. Any team that goes over budget will not qualify for judging
  4. You can purchase any type of flowers Zandstra’s sells. The vouchers works just like cash!!!
    Zandstra’s is located @ 10202 Kennedy Ave in Highland
  5. Each team gets their own container for planting
  6. Each team will design their own garden
  7. The garden can be what ever you want in that space
  8. You can plant as many different types
  9. The space you will plant is an open area (LITTLE TO NO SHADE, KEEP THAT IN MIND)

Planting Dates: Week of June 1st

Judging Date: June 10th at 11am (Any garden not completed by 10:45am on the 10th will not be eligible to participate)

**You may want to plant closer to judging date so you won’t have to weed, worry as much about deer eating your flowers or a frost. You are responsible for your garden from the day you plant it until judging date.

Gardening Tools

  • Mini garden shovels can be checked out at the check-in desk in the fitness center. Any other tools you may need, you must provide. (No tools will be issued until June 1st). You may use your own garden tools

Purchasing Flowers

  • Each team captain will be given the vouchers. You can purchase your flowers anytime during the planting dates

Watering Garden

  • PUC Grounds Crew will water your garden throughout the summer