Frisbee Golf (Frolf)


OBJECTIVE – To hit your target in the fewest throws

We will play 9 holes at Knickerbocker Park. This is a public park: please respect the park. DO NOT LITER. You must tee-off next to the hole marker.

  1. You must use the Intramural issued discs.
  2. Throw when you’re certain it will not distract opposing players or when others in front of you have finished.
  3. The discs must go through the hoop to count. Any disc that knocks down the hoop, must be re-thrown from previous spot. There will be no penalty.
  4. After each throw, make your next throw from the spot where your disc landed.
  5. If there is a tie, we will go by the pre-determined tie-breaking hole(s): Whoever had the lowest score on that hole wins.
  6. Any disc stuck in a tree, garbage can, etc must be moved to other side of obstacle (closest to the course), and this is a 1 stroke penalty.
  7. Lowest score wins.