Field Goal



  1. Each Round is worth different point totals:
    #1= 1 POINT
    #2= 1 POINT
    #3= 2 POINTS
    #4= 3 POINTS
    #5= 4 POINTS
    #6= 5 POINTS
    #7= 6 POINTS
  2.  You get only 2 misses per round (no more than 2 kicks).
  3. A field goal is anything above the base of the track (the white pipe) and in
    between the goal posts.
  4. You can attempt the kick anywhere on the line.
  5. Everything is in play (ceiling, dividers, b-ball rims…).
  6. The winner is the kicker with the most points at the end.
  7. If tied, have a one round kick-off (area designated prior to competition).
    If still tied, the kickers repeat at that same spot until one misses