1. We will play 5 games: 1 of 301, 1 of 501, 1 high score & 2 games of cricket a night.
  2. Teams will consist of 2 members
  3. If 1 member is not present the other must play for both.
  4. If no members are present for a team their opponent gets the automatic win.
  5. The team that gets the automatic win will still get to play there 5 games.
  6. Home team will throw 1st.
  7. Players can use there own darts


  • 1 pt. For win of 301, 2 points for 501 & high score, 3 points for each cricket win. + 1 additional point if one-team wins all 5 games. (12 total points available)
  • All scores must be recorded after each game.
  • Final scores must be turned into the intramural director after the last game.


  • 301/501: 1st person on a team to score 301/501 is the winning team
  • High score: the team with the highest score after 10 rounds wins.



  • Play using segments 20,19,18,17,16,15 & bull’s eye. The object is to close out and to score in one of the usable numbered segments.
  • A player can close out a # segment by throwing 3 darts or the equivalent of 3 darts into that particular.
  • The player to close out a numbered segment first can score on that segment until it’s closed out by his/her opponent(s).
  • The game ends when one player has closed out all segments from #20 through bull’s eye and has the highest score, or tied for it.


  • In the event of a tie, we will go by head-to-head match-up results as a tie-breaker.
  • If a 3-way tie occurs we will play 1 game of 301. The winner advances and the other 2 will be decided by head-to-head results.